Fertile Ground

by Sleep Beggar

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released 01 November 2013

Jamie Burne



all rights reserved


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Track Name: 1.Black Lung
Maybe loving you was an effortless conversation
That i never wanted to end
Could never call you home but a lifeline marked amends
(this is meant to make amends)
If necessity is the mother of invention, I father a bastard baby boy
I call him closure, because I’ve had enough of you just taking my joy

I burn for you

Burn this virgin child, come on and burn him all away

Though heartbreak is a pendant you gladly swing in your hands
Luck is a dancer who flirts to pull you in with steady arms
My head is a meat grinder where I’m pleading with your beauty spots
I keep notes on my wrist for all that I’ve missed
Replacing it with blood clots

I burn for you

Burn this virgin child, come on and burn him all away
Track Name: 2.Sow my veins into the earth
All these people are fucked
I’m done with head games
I want to leave this place and never come back
My circle of friends is diminishing
My love for this town is finishing
Couples fuck for their self-esteem
Whilst 406 crawls into me

With these words we hang ourselves
It kills me but I have to go
All these stop signs make me wish
I could open my wrists
Begging for more failure (another day with all these thoughts)
Begging for more failure (I’ll take death over selfishness)
Begging for more failure (too pale for this fucked up youth)
Begging for more failure (please tell me what I was to you)

I’ve got these issues that no one else can see
And all these demons are slowly pouring out of me
I try (I try) to bring them back into the light
Though every failure snatches me back into the dead of night
Track Name: 3.Paid in Meat
This night is contagious, voices swallow me whole
But in here, the darkness let’s us fall away from fear

I can feel it running through my veins

The crash of the car wreck, my hindsight to a broken neck
I hear screams ever after, packed perfectly in this disaster

I can feel it running through my veins
Track Name: 4.From Marrow to Sinew
Oh you’re going to be let down

Still searching to be held whilst clutching at these pieces
My honest heart resigned to keep on spewing leeches
Your gorgeous ghost i held so close cradled in cancer
I give myself to you by bleeding all my candor

Oh you’re going to be let down