Me Leaving Me

by Sleep Beggar

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released August 13, 2014



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Track Name: Stitching
It’s in the stitching

Creeps snatching my wrists
Whilst I’m stumbling in the mist
Poisoned promises made of swill and piss
I stay with verbs because they take the lead
In hopes of blot clots and inner peace

A patient patient, slave to this disease
Give me your arms embrace and I would kiss the back of your knees
Excrete this closure, until it’s blank as paper
In desiring you more than I could favour
I eat dinner for three whenever I get depressed
That comfort food gives me insight into human excess

It’s in the stitching

You used to say hating people for their mistakes is what makes your life worth living.
I can’t abide by that. So whoever’s life I’m living this song through, thank you.

It’s in the stitching
Track Name: Wrists
I’ve been stuck on you
Take me by the wrists

What gave life the right
To take away her fight
Her body’s broken and it’s full of cancer
So she’s screaming every night
Shedding skin so I flannel wash her
Festering in bed sores, I turn to drinking liquor
Still I try to keep her going
She lets out phlegm and tears when I try to get her moving

No hope in her throat
Vomit stuck in her hair
When I look in her eyes
I can see that she’s scared
Her mind is now a prison, heart’s a mush of membranes
No love in her arms when she’s bleeding on a bed soaked in urine
Quivering wet mess, all she wants is pain pills and sex
Want her full of life cos now she looks so possessed
I try to hold her close
But we replaced that love
With patterns of sobbing and hugs
In between taking drugs
Shudders again, just another false death rattle
Body convulses at another pre-tour ritual
Another swell comes and goes, leaves her paralysed
Heart stops as she smiles and closes her eyes

I’ve been stuck on you
Take me by the wrists
Track Name: Hunger Pains
You are in these lungs
You are native tongue
I am a corpse of hope
I am your favourite ghost
Drowning in thought, couldn’t swim to the shoreline
Never met the real you, so it’s word release from my mind
I waited two whole months, I got to grips with this
But three small words would have warmed the winter’s kiss

You are in these lungs
You are native tongue
I am a corpse of hope
I am your favourite ghost
Just caught in your self beliefs, took my confidence, sex, love and trust
Just caught in all your grief, so my heart was offered up
All I have is now and I’m living in the moment
Won’t ever take my best again, won’t allow myself to be broken

You are nothing more to me
Just another faded memory
Track Name: Miles Of Teeth
The prose of fear and fright
I belong in the night
Put out of your mind
Put out of your sight
On these tailored sheets
Where our distance meets
Boast of broken arms
Resting on your laurels won’t keep you calm

Butterflies in birdcages

Keep these voices in a jar
Hope lets me drive this car
With one broken crown
We dance until we are down
The pieces become dust
I bartered you to trust
Truth lies in my blood
It’s as honest as this dirt

Butterflies in birdcages