Depression Tactics

by Sleep Beggar

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released August 1, 2016



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Track Name: 1.Heating Up Leftovers
When I think back to 18 years of age
With a blister pack of rage and I’m prepped to play
I was built of mixed vegetables, lazy literature and lazier words
I was built of awkward guesses, awkward humour and verbs
I was built of callouses from carrying cabs and drums
Hell I was built of callouses from being with the wrong ones
How selfish was that? It’s unfortunate at most
Was a crooked lost actor living in lost hopes
Wrote some people off, gave me the needed perspective
Allowed me to reflect on what they considered defective
Respect yourself enough to walk away 
From anything that no longer helps you grow or makes you happy
An end to all beginnings, forever I go
At the end of your life you always reap what you sew
And I have no answers, no answers anymore 
There’s no answers so come bathe in these sores
Now to the loved ones we’ve lost along the way
I raise this dirt in the hopes of seeing you some day
And if I don’t, then to the fields we go
Because we can't nourish our backyard if we can't learn to grow
Track Name: 2.Stage Whispers
My celtic blood begins to flood
In the ashes of my homestead is where I’m stood
Remedying this I stay on the road
If I’m lucky enough I’ll lay on broken bones
And slain to greed so you die alone
In your grave I know I’ve been shown

Daily fed lists I’m not with this
Chase lines of mind signs for comfort fits
Plain as bits it’s me I miss
Lost in the shape and nape of your hips
Rising seas and falling hearts
Falling heads and rising mouths
Track Name: 3.Saltwater
Do you fear the night

I say don’t fear the fight

Every ounce of this blood 

Has been spilt for your right

Martyrs and widows calling for closure

I can’t buy a cure when you’re feeling so hopeless

Time oh time, he walks the line

If every part of you is me
 I don’t want to be fine

Let me drown in your wounds is what I wanted to say

Searched your smile every single day

Now I’m shedding my skin and speaking my mind

Surrounded by the ugliness of the sick and the blind
Birthed to a world that’s so unequal

Dancing on broken glass just to entertain people

Why are we holding our hearts to ransom?

It’s a hell of a thing, coming right back home
It’s a hell of a thing, doing it all alone
It’s a hell of a thing, tipping that waitress

When you’re shifting from faces to places in what your chasing

Having the widest of eyes, I know this isn’t right

When things are put out of sight, then they’re put out of mind

Stopping the damage I leave behind

Walking in snow with no footprint to find

Grass ain’t always greener on the other side 

It’s full of snakes that gossip and hide
Through every obstacle I walk the line

Heaviest is the whitest of lines and it’s closing time

Why are we holding our hearts to ransom?
Track Name: 4.In Your Absence
Pieces of the past placed in picture frames
Everything I gave built up to blame
Here in my mind the words won’t let go
So I put it on a stage and disguise it as a show
As I watch a thousand skulls split in two
Putting every boundary between me and you
The trench that we dug from here on in
Displays our national traits and our national sins

A note book of words keeps me fed
To understand all that’s been and said
It’s not what we see, it’s in the view
Tried my best to see the worst in you 
A slave to grief, so you dine alone
In your grace I know what I’ve been shown
Youth is wasted on the young
Falling short in song form it’s wasted on everyone

Cross my heart and close my eyes
Don’t blame me if you cut the ties
Wrapped your name in a well of goodbyes
You buried your best in a landfill of lies
Track Name: 5.Ghost Games
History is your closest family member
Like a memory that’s too naked to touch
It usually lies on a bed of thorns so that it leaves 
a mark when you sleep with it's lover hope

I can’t hide anymore in the past
But what if history was just a painter
Would I be worthy of it’s canvas?  
Would I be worthy of these words?

Time chooses what you see with your eyes
Heart chooses who you keep in time
Love chooses whose heart’s your life
You held so much pain behind those eyes

Of everything I could have ever been
Gimme a shovel I will dig my own escape
The worst of you is here in my skin
I’ll never say goodbye just goodnight

If history is a battle of tendons 
Could I please be it’s beating heart
If history is a tale
Please let me write these words with the truth they deserve  

I am everything to everyone
You are everything to everyone
We are everything to everyone
Yes we are everything to everyone
Track Name: 6.Mother Tongue
If we’re all the same then love’s insane
We’re moths to flames
You keep me here, you’re all I fear
We’re moths to flames
Track Name: 7.The Lonely Outpost
Stuck at the lonely outpost at night
Calling on the radio for help in time
Nowhere to hide so I feed myself lies
Like we’ve got supplies until I fix this line
And all will be fine there’s been no crime
Just give it some time you can always climb
Out of this barren part of the world
But you feel the gravity of this place unfurl
Just a man whose been in search of his love
Travelled with a group of men, now there’s only one
Howling heard, wolves at the door
Eyes as black as your heart, hunger at the jaws
Got to get the girl, got to save the world
Got to keep paying the mortgage when I’m back home
The shit we think about moments in death’s mouth
Never say it aloud we’re far too proud
It’s fight or flight, I want to opt-out
Got to be proactive to the place I’m in now
You've got to nourish whatever you meet, whoever it be
The first step comes from me
I turned and took my stack of food
Threw it out of the cabin window in the full moon to feed the wolves
Seemed to work, seemed to keep them at bay
Everything seemed ok, that’s what I hoped and prayed
As the wolves rested from the nurture 
I see the embodiment of our culture
You have to guide and grow if you want a future
If that means anything to you
The clouds begin to hide the moon
And the wolves become a human mass of moves
I’m here horrified as my eyes are wide
It's the same group I lost on this mountainside 

Where’s my sanity, what did I see?
These men are wolves, how could this be?
What changed that day that made it this way
I plead I need to see the light of the day 
But the moon is back, feel pains in my chest 
See myself compress into a mess
Fangs in my mouth, claws on the floor
I’ve become what’s like outside that door
Catch a glimpse of myself from the mirror on the shelf
I’m twice the size full of bloodlust and hell
Break down the shack, ready to attack
Ready for horror as I arch my back
Made with a critical mind with what I’m trying to find
This evil part of mankind full of grief and lies
Grief and lies there’s got to be some sign
Because I’m here fighting to see the sun shine 
In line by prime time complexity
Things waste and die when they spend too much time with me
Waste and die, say goodbye as I attack 
Stay alive as I take that damage back
Blood in the snow I can see that
As I hit back in the dark as your neck snaps  
Shame and pain, won’t remain the same
When I’m done it’s a losers game
No name burnt on this flame
No place here to lay my frame
Just listen to what I’m saying
I’ve become you in this change
I want to fall because this ends in fire
Until it hurts no more because I’m broken and tired 
How did we get cursed, we lost our way
On the path to good fortune we fell that day
Track Name: 8.Cesspool
Categorising cataclysm, cornered as equal vision
Call off hearts in the churning mud of a prison
Everyone holds famine in their hearts
Once you cut the strings we all fall apart
A pile of flies birthed in you 
A foul display so you drown in the truth 
I buried myself, hell I ruined myself 
Self sabotaging burdens so heart felt
That chip on your shoulder is giving you a bad back
Fully formed ideas stuck in a book bag
Biding time, whilst I’m sleep-talking
They died for you now we’re sleep mourning
Lost enough than I care to share
The fault befits the events in vacant stares
Finding peace is all I thought about
Painted that on the walls of your house

Small talk gets smaller every day from then 
Since we're tainted by the blood of young men
And you wouldn't let me grow so I let you go
But the crime of your mind’s design to show
That players play games, in the name of fame 
When opposites attract they're name shaming friends I call slaves
I’m not a shipwreck, my soul’s an anchor
Rely on yourself, keep your head up and grafting
A life run by touring and not by time
The heart’s resolution of walking the line
Like a pastel I absorb into my membranes
How delicate beauty is in my brain stem
You're so over this and I'm underwhelmed
Have you ever actually been yourself?
Ghoulish layers of sand and sinew
The basics of what went into making you
Asking yourself what am I doing here
A black night, white eyes and lonely fear
Sun’s down, dark out, sullen embers all shout
Face down, arms out, drown in the static’s mouth
Track Name: 9.Friendship Mountain
Life’s limp intention was pointed in my direction
As the sandman shouted to get an erection
Well they bypassed protection, don’t give that man an election
Used democratic devices to win their affections
“Revolt! Revolt!”, I wonder what it is all about
From macro to micro, I was ousted out
Although backing me was Ezekhiel
For a moment I was worried about not being sent straight to hell
But paradise ain't lost, no it’s been found
In the disease, the lung, of our harbour town
I know my words are beyond thematic
I guess it's like Krueger in your nightmares, because it's all connected
So if ignorance is bliss and living in bliss is ignorance
Try barricade yourself against a barrage of thanks
We're all masters of cold showers in mass abundance
The conflict of art is way too apparent
I call you a closing song and you can have this
My life is like a coffin because I'm nailing it
Imagine hearing everyone’s hopes and fears
I’m fucking tired of hearing your voice after all these years
Track Name: 10.Hikikomori
Grey pool wells in the face of strangers
White chalk on the grey canvas of this saviour
Paper is paper to the funeral director
Make every single glance count when you’re bartering with laymen
On the tip of my tongue or at the back of my head
We harbour hate and humour like a skin we can’t shed
Poppy seeds and acetate you know the way the vultures taste
When you’re into this they’re into you at the expense of slate
Slate filled welsh land, no industry to speak of
When we’re pushing tourism instead of funding education
No reason to get political but I have to let you know
A hiraeth for my heritage and that’s hard to let go
Sitting in a forest made of high flyers
Of silk-web spiders lacerated in low lifers
Pen-full of tigers writing steadily in this component 
Time has no meaning when you’re locked in the moment
A sightless night of dim regard
Just patient peasants playing god for all that’s lost
Liquorice mix of blue and grey
When you want your life this way
Abstract thoughts in the form of goodbyes
Please finish me here when you’re violently shy
Goddess of the pastures and sentimental middle men
Display no trophies of those time well spent
Break boxes of creatine, you are not heroin
Dim posture of irregard to a plagiarising bragging bin
Dragons since men calling off a suit and tie
Blagging since when? A silly face when we begin to cry
Who am I speaking with when the gutter’s sea sick
Walk the plank to safety and drown in your idol’s shit
Beggar me, beggar me both parts are back
Shows for free? Pay to play is a subtle hag

We’re under the threat everyday
Every time we think for ourselves they tend to say
"You’re another statistic, listless and twisted
Stay the path or run aground from the mindset you've got shifted”
But knowledge is power in the face of tyrants
And the ferryman’s charge is cheaper when you’re silent
Overblown sentiment is a single swan
And I am speaking for the voiceless, sober, sombre ones
No delight in the conclusion, no fusion through exclusion
Losing values daily aged in a proven prison
A paranoid temperament and a childish prayer
I keep a briefcase of memories in my lair
It props my head up as I sleep so I don’t fall too deep
Into the arms of sadness because the threat is real
To steal away from headlines that we always feel
And broken promises that are meant to heal

What am I doing here? My belongings are in this bag
Our patterned hands are reaching for white flags
I'm a poor mans dream and in my heart it bleeds 
As I beg a question when you just beg to feed
Those who smile the most, well they hurt the worst
They hurt themselves for you so they hurt at a cost
Starved of love, starved of a good meal
Stuck in a wasteland and starved of good people
If it gets tough, find a creative place 
You’re  strong enough so you’ll never fade 
Never been able to pen it elegant
Don't let them keep you around in a home of abandonment
The sun sets but I light my own path
Too many people carry fear in their hearts
Stand at the water’s edge and stare into the ocean 
All is filled with love and you're complete in this moment